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Psychotherapy in the Melbourne, Fitzroy and Northcote area. It takes courage to face up to what’s holding you back, but by exploring your difficulties alongside someone who is non-judgemental, warm and fully attuned to you, you can unlock the door to a happier, more fulfilling future. Hugh is verified by Psychology Today. 

Family Therapy​

Family therapy helps people in close relationships to work together.

It helps family members express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely, to understand each other’s experiences and views, appreciate each other’s needs, build on family strengths and make useful changes in their relationships and lives.

Research shows family therapy is useful for families experiencing a wide range of difficulties including:

  • Family communication problems
  • Illness and disability in the family
  • Adolescent violence in the home
  • Separation, divorce and step-family life
  • Child and adolescent behaviour difficulties
  • Eating disorders
  • Self-harm
  • School refusal
  • Adolescent anti-social behaviour
  • Depression, low mood and anxiety.

Relational Therapy

Relational therapy heightens your awareness about the impact of early relationships and provides relief from old well-worn behaviours that negatively affect your current relationships.

In these sessions, we’ll explore how early relationships in infancy and childhood have shaped the development of how you see yourself and how you relate to others.

Counselling for couples

Whether with your partner, family or friend, if you are suffering with problems in a relationship, therapy can help you discover healthier patterns of relating to others.

Relationships are complex and no two are ever the same, modern life can put a huge amount of stress on us and consequently our relationships with those we connect with. Relationship issues therapy can help you by unpicking what is going on and helping you to move forward.

Psychotherapy for young people

Psychotherapy works to improve family relationships, peer relationships, body image and self-confidence and mood regulation.

Adolescence is a time of great transition when specific developmental demands and challenges are placed on the young person and their family.

Psychotherapy offers a safe and confidential space to explore the sometimes extreme feelings associated with this stage of development.

Psychotherapy can help in thinking about and exploring these feelings and behaviours, which may have become more destructive, and move towards more helpful solutions.


This approach offers relief from longstanding and persistent, symptoms and patterns of behaviour affecting general functioning, providing long lasting improvement in general emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing.

The central idea behind psychotherapy, is that when in the presence of a caring, attentive and trusted listener (the therapist), the client can focus on their experience, recall long-forgotten traumatic events and re-experience the states of mind that accompanied original traumas. Through this experience of re-experiencing and processing past events/states of mind, distressing feelings can be alleviated.

Solution Focused Therapy

This is a short-term goal-focused therapeutic approach which helps you discover solutions to immediate problems.

This approach focuses on helping you change by constructing solutions rather than investigating problems.

Everyone has the ability to change; the solutions are often already present in a client’s life but sometimes the impact of the problem prevents them from seeing this. Clients can envision a clear and detailed picture of how it will be when things are better which creates hope and expectation, making the solution more practical and realistic.

Goals direct the therapy and keep it focused and brief. Your strengths and resources are emphasised as a way of helping you recognise how to use these to bring about change.

Parent Consultation

Many family therapists work exclusively with parents to help them build warmer, more trusting and less fraught parent child relationships. Parent work can give the parents a language with which to understand and think with their child about the different concerns.

Parents often feel liberated, relieved more confident and more equipped to work with their child to co- create strategies for further progress in the parent child relationship and in helping relieve their child’s symptoms.

Parent consultation offers a space for parents to think about and explore the complex dilemma and challenges of parenting children and adolescents as they progress through their development.

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