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Specialising in family therapy. couples counselling, EMDR therapy, psychotherapy and much more.

I believe we all have the capacity make change to our lives and relationships. Even at times when it feels that we are lost, stuck or powerless. 

Now providing services to WorkSafe Victoria injured workers. Private health rebates are now available.

Specialising in family therapy

Rejoin With Counselling provides a range of therapies in the Melbourne, Northcote and Fitzroy area, including family therapy, couples counselling and much more to help you overcome adversity, grow resilience and alleviate distressing symptoms.

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Working with you

I work in an integrative style, which means I am able to work from different therapeutic strands in order to tailor make the best route to match your needs.

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What to expect

I know that it can be daunting to seek help. So, in your initial consultation I offer a sensitive and thorough approach to understanding and thinking about your concerns. I will take a detailed history and ask about your understanding of the issues and together agree on an approach that will best support you.

Happiness as a right

It takes courage to face up to what’s holding you back, explore your difficulties with someone who is non-judgemental, warm & fully attuned to you, and unlock the door to a happier future.

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I’m Hugh Martin – Clinical Family Therapist

I’m a clinical family therapist who also works with couples and individuals, including children and adolescents. My trauma-informed approach supports clients to improve reliability and renew trust within current and future relationships and to address problems and disappointments from the past. 

Therapy + More

What I can provide

Learn all about the variety of therapies I can provide. From Individual counselling to family therapy, couples and EMDR therapy. Private health fund rebates available. Now providing services to WorkSafe Victoria injured workers.

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Family Therapy

Family therapy helps people in close relationships to work together. Research shows family therapy is useful for families experiencing a wide range of difficulties.

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Rather than looking for “what’s wrong”, psychotherapy creates a safe space for clients to look at “what happened”. With a trusted listener, psychotherapy supports clients to focus on their experiences to help alleviate distress & end destructive patterns of behaviour.

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EMDR Therapy

The goal of EMDR is to reduce the long-lasting effects of distressing and traumatic memories by engaging the brain’s natural adaptive information processing mechanisms.

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Solution Focused Therapy

Everyone has the ability to change. Often, the solutions are often already present in a client’s life and this becomes the basis for ongoing change. This is a short term goal-focused therapeutic approach which helps you discover solutions to immediate problems.

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Counselling for Couples

When you first met, your relationship was probably a heady mix of emotion, passion and excitement. But life events can rock a relationship to its core. 

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Parent Consultation

This is an opportunity for parents to work exclusively with me to help them build warmer, more trusting and less fraught parent child relationships. Parent work can give the parents a language with which to understand and think with their child about the different concerns.

Registered Family Therapist

I am a Master of Clinical Family Therapy (La Trobe University) and am registered with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT).

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